At Home with Embodied Bellydance®

The Somatic & Sacred Inner to Outer World of an Ancient Dance

Embodied Bellydance® is for all Women from all walks of life & dance abilities. Student and professional bellydancers, dancer so all genres, people who want to deepen their connection to this ancient dance as healing dance of modern times or those who simply want to explore the essence of this dance are coming to this work. They are uniting and sharing their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual experiences, through the circles, spiral and waves of this primordial dance form.

Sacred Somatic Dance Emersion

Summer 2023

13 – 15 January

Sacred Somatic Dance is a culmination and a 35 year emersion into Traditional Egyptian dance, a deep inner knowing of ancient wisdom and the union of contemporary Somatic practices and body work. This passion of the dance took me to the somatic practices. My body knew that there was a deeper profound connection to the dance. The somatic practices that have informed my work are Alexander Technique, Body Mind Centring, Continuum, Ideokenisis, Feldenkaris & the physical, emotion and spiritual expression of the Endocrine /Chakric System. This marriage became Embodied Bellydance®.gn settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.

Date and Time

13th to 15th January 2023

Friday & Sat 12 am – 7 pm

Sunday 10.30 am  – 7 pm

Sacred Somatic Dance is informed by the Ancient ones and Embodied Bellydance bought to me over the years of practice and listening.

What will we be exploring?

The theme this year is “Your Dance”. Being your dance and the gift that it give you on a Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Relational level, Always remaining your dance.

Who am I?

What am I?

Where am I ?

In the dance of individuation and relationship to self, as an anatomical physiological body that moves in space. Finding your own ease and grace. The emotional responses that arise and the connection to your divine self.

What does it mean to create shapes with your Bones that occupy your internal space as they shape your physically existence. What do you think about and what do they tell yourself? How do your emotions play out?  How to you tap into being yourself as your spiritual practice?

These are some ideas, who knows where the dance will take us. I will be getting clues from you. We will co-create this practice

The Cost is $525

Payment plan and Heart rates available.


What People Are Saying

A Deeper Connection with my Body

"I have attended several workshops taught by Maria over the years and each time I walk away with a deeper connection with my body and a greater appreciation for the healing, supportive and nourishing qualities of the dance that she brings out."  Myfanwy Powell...

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Profound Dance Practice

"Maria's work with the body, spirit and senses in dance practice is profound.  Her many years of research in different kinds of movement, dance technique and practice shows through in her workshops and classes, and transforms people's relationships with their bodies...

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To respect my body

I come to Embodied Bellydance to dance, to respect my body and the connection with the earth; to enjoy sensing energy, movement, weight; to dance with other joyous, embodied beings. Elizabeth Mackenzie Dance Movement Therapist, Hakomi & Internal Family Systems...

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