What came to me is that some people who are very professional bellydance and very advanced in the field; maybe they will take from somebody Egyptian like from the Reda company or something like that. As professionals who has been dancing for a long time, people will take from them, but often times or in general it is not expected that we will learn something in such an alternative setting. I think that actually when you reach a certain level in this dance, this setting is really beneficial. It does not matter if some people have never bellydance or other have been dancing for 40 years . . . I would recommend this to very big named people, not that the name matters to any body else, this is the kind of thing that they may be searching for without realising it, To find that the movements are inside of them and that would be a huge breakthrough in our community because when you explore that inside yourself . . ..

I am really going to recommend it to others, with an explanation of how it works, you are not copying the teacher, you are finding it inside yourself. it is such an incredible exploration.

It could be people from any style of dance. This like a Anna Halprins workshop, but it comes back to Oriental dance, that is really good for all of us, Tribal, Oriental this or that any nationality. 

Tamalyn Dallal, after Embracing the Energy Field 3 day intensive Melbourne, June 2013