Feedback to the organiser . . . I don’t do Facebook, but wanted to let you know what a brilliant time I had at Fantasia (again!).  You manage to attract the most amazing selection of teachers and it is always so hard to choose workshops. However, I feel as though I made a decent set of choices for me, and was more than impressed with the outcome.  I particularly found these two the most useful, Dancing the Chakras & Tammar Hennah with Maria Sangiorgi.  Maybe its because they were so different: I was amazed to get in touch with my Chakra and found that the dance moves flowed so much more …… and also beating the backache: who could have guessed we would learn so much about dancing, plus we can improve more and more by following some simple exercises.  Shame more people didn’t pick this class. 

Fiona Robbins participant of both workshops at Fantasia Festival London UK 2011