Whilst deeply skilful and a master of dance, Maria brings a profound naturalness to her exploration of ancient forms of dance. Her way of working incites free, natural and spontaneous movement particular to the female body. These movements unleash what is blocked, healing old closures, and nourishing the physical, energetic and emotional aspect of one’s being. Maria creates a grounded and supportive environment to explore intimately with the subtlety, intelligence and wildness inherent in our female form. I like the spiritual dimension to her work and also that she cuts through ‘new age’ bullshit and keeps it on the ground, rooted to an Egyptian tradition she loves and has practiced deeply within. I highly recommend her work, which I found to be both deeply nourishing and activating. One night after doing one of her workshop I awoke in my bed, past midnight, the dance continuing to reverberate through my body. I had the feeling that lightning was striking my body, followed by strong, internal waves of pleasure. It was as if I was being opened from the inside! Thankyou Maria

Jess Huon, Mediation and Yoga teacher and Speaker 2013