The thing that made me think was the relationship of boss navel and the other parts. I strongly thought that following by the navel’s decision means it can’t be inharmonious movement. When I move and dance notice myself my head always going up and down even I’m trying not to. Now I realise that is because I used to do against the harmony.

As I learned about bones and muscles that I didn’t used to care about, now I’m trying to feel which part of them are moving when I move. Also I understood that when I move my chest important thing is not only trying to move this part but also conscious about the other parts.

And necessity of having images!

Having a long tail from tailbone and balloons under armpits, etc….I could imagine and enjoy them so I want to keep in mind. I felt this WS was very short ,it was very long time though,

I would really love to join your WS again!

Mamiko Negishi, Summer Workshop, Sapporo Japan 2014