Welcome to the world of embodiment throughout bellydance and the ancient wisdom of Egypt combined with modern somatic awareness and experientially anatomy.

Embodied Bellydance® is for all Women from all walks of life & dance abilities.  Student and professional bellydancers, dancer so all genres, people who want to deepen their connection to this ancient dance as healing dance of modern times or those who simply want to explore the essence of this dance are coming to this work. They are uniting and sharing their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual experiences, through the circles, spiral and waves of this primordial dance form.

Testimonial from: Tamalyn Dallal, after Embracing the Energy Field 3 day intensive June 2013.

What came to me is that some people who are very professional bellydance and very advanced in the field; maybe they will take from somebody Egyptian like from the Reda company or something like that. As professionals who has been dancing for a long time, people will take from them, but often times or in general it is not expected that we will learn something in such an alternative setting. I think that actually when you reach a certain level in this dance, this setting is really beneficial. It does not matter if some people have never bellydance or other have been dancing for 40 years . . . I would recommend this to very big named people, not that the name matters to any body else, this is the kind of thing that they may be searching for without realizing it, To find that the movements are inside of them and that would be a huge breakthrough in our community because when you explore that inside yourself . . ..

I am really going to recommend it to others, with an explanation of how it works, you are not copying the teacher, you are finding it inside yourself. it is such an incredible exploration.

It could be people from any style of dance. This like a Anna Halprin’s workshop, but it comes back to Oriental dance, that is really good for all of us, Tribal, Oriental this or that any nationality.”  

Tamalyn Dallal, after Embracing the Energy Field 3 day intensive Melbourne, June 2013, 

Class and Workshop Framework

Embodied Bellydance®  framework is composed of parts of the ingredients listed bellow.  When you attend a class or wrokshop what gets covered depends on the style or length of training.

Classes are never shorter than 1 1/2 hours but usually 2 hours

Workshops can be anything from 3 hours to 5 days or even more.

Each Workshop or Intensive is different as each group is different.

The amount of time dedicated to each topic will depend a lot on the group and the request of the school or individual who wish to learn about Embodied Bellydance®

Maria Sangiorgi

I have laid down a Newtonian framework but I work in a Quantum way. (also supported by a philosophy of Dance Movement Therapy IDTIA, Marcia Leventhal). This means that I use the framework that contain all the aspects of Embodied Bellydance®. I follow the plan, but there will be freedom to vary the direction and to allow the focus to be more on one thing and less on another as needed. The focus will depend on the moment, the group or the request of the school or individual. It is important to remain fluid. After all fluidity is one of the essential ingredients of Bellydance.

The content is vast and to Embody it takes time.

Take a journey through the components and as you do, breathe and let the ideas wash through you. You will become aware how simply by reading the content something can have an affect on you.


The Listening Body

Experiential Anatomy

Sensing Feeling

Authentic Movement

Foundation Technique

Dance Technique

Neo-Traditional Shaâ’abi

Neo-Traditional Baladi

Ashra Baladi  Improvisation Progression

Contemporary Improvisation Technique

The SELF dance

Private Tuition, Consultation & Supervision

Private Tuition

One on one  $100 ph + studio hire if applicable. other rates apply for workshop participants and for a long term commitment.


Do you have a project or a vision that you don’t know quite what to do with?  Are you needing to introduce a stronger grounding in your dance practice and teaching and you see the Elements in Embodied Bellydance® as instrument that can enhance and improve you practice?  Do you have a choreography that needs a fresh eye?  This an example of  what a consultation can offer.

Cost $100 ph + studio hire if applicable


It is very important for teachers to understand the need to keep developing themselves in their work. Supervision is an important part of any practice. Even the supervisor has a supervisor. In supervision you have a safe place to discuss what arises for you as a teacher.  Maybe you are tired and depleted and have lost you inspiration and path. Maybe you have a student in class that is disruptive for some reason and you may feel that you loose you kilter and you need strategies to deal with the situation and the student. It may be that a certain movement you are teaching is not getting through and you need some perspective on what may be going on. As a supervisor I can give you a fresh perspective on what you are dealing with and help you workout an appropriate way to deal with the issue and develop a plan of action for you to continue your teaching with more insight and grounding.

I am offering this service based on my 31 years of dance experience and a broad knowledge in the field of Bellydance and as a Qualified Dance Movement Therapist with much experience in receiving supervision and the benefits of it.

Fee $100 ph + studio hire if applicable


No matter where in the world you are you can experience this unique approach to the dance via private ONLINE lessons.
Through personal consultation, ONLINE lessons allow dancers both experienced and inexperienced in Embodied Bellydance® to grow in their dance.
Receive immediate and personal feedback and practice in the comfort and convenience of your own space. ONLINE  lessons are also an ideal way to prepare for future face to face workshops/lessons and consultations.

Take advantage of my special offer of $80 ph or $130 with video included for the first session with extra time to work out what and how we can work together.

The fee for each session is $100 ph  or $150 with video